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Chrome Extension Could_not_get_temp_directory Rds


May help you as I'm having the same issues as most of you. Please check the screen shot. If it isn't there, let the mods know. Posted on October 16, 2012 Ron Oglesby Unidesk employee Joined: April 20, 2010 I see that same warning message, but am testing now as it doesnt seem to come back after

I am having this issue as well. Thanks for this tip! It's been three weeks since the last update. Comment 17 by [email protected], Nov 6 2014 Processing Status: Unconfirmed brandt.benny I expect you hand't closed all instances of Chrome before testing the --no-sandbox flag. https://productforums.google.com/d/topic/chrome/H2BpxIr35Fw

Chrome Extension Could_not_get_temp_directory Rds

Moving Chrome-Installationfolder and the temp directory from dynamic-drive (or SSD) to a Basic-Drive solved my problem. I have tested this and it allows extension install. Search Words chrome 6c20476fe6c3408461ce38cbcab6d03b 2897d76d56d2010f4e3a28f864d69223 d02f9caf3e11b191a38179103495106f 965b49118115a610e93635d21c5694a8 Email subscription for changes to this article RSS subscription for changes to this article Save as PDF Was this article helpful? Extension should install correctly.

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/aknpkdffaafgjchaibgeefbgmgeghloj?hl=en 2.As and when I click on Add to chrome on extension page 3.chrome first downloads the extension, then tries to add it What is the expected result? rename the .crx to .zip, and use 7-zip to extract. (windows might say it's corrupt.) you will not be deleting this folder later, so move the extracted folder to a good Please donate. 300+ apps including *new* GeekUninstaller (Feb 21, 2017) Over 500 million downloads You are hereHome » Forums » Support Forums » Other Apps Support Google Chrome does not install Lastpass Gimme a second let me test that here.

Comment 2 by [email protected], Mar 12 2012 Processing Hi, I am talking about Windows Xp but not Win 7. Comment 10 by [email protected], May 26 2012 Processing I am using Win7, latest version of Chrome. email me that file. https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=117106 I currently have no extensions or themes installed.

I can see the following folder : C:\Documents and Settings\Aditya\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Temp as read-only, I think its normal. I changed that, restarted chrome, and got the same error. There should be an ability to edit the "Chrome\User Data\Temp" folder selection, and/or the program should be able to accept non-standard temp directory configurations. Comment 81 by [email protected], Dec 29 Processing I use a dynamic-disk for my profile.

Could Not Install Package: 'could_not_get_temp_directory' Reload Close

Contact Us Terms of Use Privacy Accessibility Site Index Trademarks Help Feedback http://www.unidesk.com/forum/troubleshooting/desktops-microsoft-windows-and-layers/google-chrome-warning-your-google-chrome We hope the workaround posted by mr.chris.osburn in #30 can help affected users install the extensions they want when on these systems. Chrome Extension Could_not_get_temp_directory Rds Anyone with half a brain knows that you shouldn't browse the web without proper protection, ESPECIALLY in a corporate environment. Postman Chrome Comment 32 by [email protected], Nov 17 2012 Processing I have the same problem at a a Windows XP 32 Bit with NTFS Filesystem.

Comment 72 by Deleted [email protected], Feb 13 2014 Processing #28 work! It does endless try to add the extension to chrome. I was just downloading extensions, and the next one I tried gave me this error. Comment 37 by [email protected], Feb 13 2015 Processing Thank you for looking into to this. Chrome Extensions

If you have a potential fix, by all means share it. Comment 84 by Deleted [email protected], Jun 8 2015 Processing I am looking for a solution for This Chrome problem, we have Windows Remote Services 2012R2 , users have virtual disk profiles The install appears to go as expected, and installs Chrome to C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome. Let me know how I can help this troubleshooting.

Also adding --user-data-dir="C:\chrome-temp" to the commandline did not help - chrome used the new folder but still produces the error message when trying to install an extension. And then you remove them. Submission not showing up?

Comment 19 by [email protected], Aug 31 2012 Processing for me the same, impossible to install any package Comment 20 Deleted Comment 21 Deleted Comment 22 by [email protected], Sep 2 2012 Processing

And why the heck is it so long to get a fix, 2 YEARS! There is no way to reasonably roll out 5+ extensions manually across that many users. Comment 86 by Deleted [email protected], Sep 7 2015 Processing peError: undefined is not a function Comment 87 by [email protected], Oct 26 2015 Processing From the log: [4840:3756:1025/182445:ERROR:sandboxed_unpacker.cc(138)] C:\DOCUME~1\Diana\LOCALS~1\Temp seem to be Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions 11.

Re: Google Chome Extensions javier_roe Jul 27, 2016 1:07 PM (in response to jimmygonzalez) The "Windows Firewall" service is enabled but is not filtering anything in our LAN (I mean, the Comment 41 by [email protected], Feb 13 2015 Processing Issue 357510 has been merged into this issue. Tell us how we may improve it. logging -> login Comment 26 by [email protected], Sep 18 2012 Processing The problem seems to be that Chrome can't deal with storing data on "Dynamic" drive partitions (see link below: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/chrome/6BThjGM-ohQ/5z9X2hxm-kcJ

It will not work if you don't have a TEMP directory defined. Anyone on the enterprise team have a terminal server to test against? The browser appears to work ok, except that when I attempt to install an extension, it fails and gives the following: "Could not install package: 'COULD_NOT_GET_TEMP_DIRECTORY'". Share This Page Legend Correct Answers - 10 points VMware Technology Virtualization Data Center Virtualization Desktop Virtualization Virtualizing Business Critical Applications Cloud Computing Hybrid Cloud Private Cloud Computing Software-Defined Data Center

Open a command window and CD the directory that you downloaded the GetVolumes.cmd and ChromeExtensionSetup.cmd files. 3. find the file named chrome_debug.log 8. Attempting to install Ad Block Plus on machine with dynamic disk. and If I reboot...

What extension were you installing that errored out on could not get temp?