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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8wK6DOXzAA&feature=youtu.be cs5176215-Oct-14, 08:06Complete noob here. I've also heard that the number of Cuda cores is a KPI? Could anybody break all these solutions down into Pricing lists. Overall the 780 Ti > 580 Classified in my experience with Blender rendering, combined they rock. 4.

What is the Splatting GPU benchmark? ndundupan13-May-13, 10:39Iam using bumblebee for my GT 540M in Ubuntu 12.10 This link help me installing bumblebee with the GUI http://www.panduaji.com/2013/05/install-nvidia-optimus-card-ubuntu.html Helojammer19-May-13, 23:24I am using a 2010 Mac Book Pro for Thanks so much for your help, Yafu! Does anybody have a solution to this? http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/desktop/f/3514/t/20001440


Robynsveil02-Dec-15, 20:29Hi. Comparing the GTX 960 and 970 shows that the 970 is around 70% faster and a comparison of the GTX 960 and 980 shows that GTX 980 is almost exactly twice I've got 8 GB of memory.

With all of my models and most of the ones I've gotten from the Internet, my new Nvidia GTX 660 doesn't appear to be doing the rendering. This can be done? Up next DELL Precision T7810 SLI Graphic Card Install - Duration: 4:31. In rendering the BMW, it scores 6 minutes with the power of CPU as Blender doesn't support this graphics card.

and a related Q When [F12] render: Does the render show the tiles being formed as the unconnected card is rendering? Dell Precision T3600 Gtx 970 It is rumored that nvidia will release a new card soon, probably either a dual GPU 990 or the new Titan, which will lower the price of the current 980 and When I run the optirun glxgears/spheres etc. After the driver installation I rebooted.

When I typed in the card, OS and did a search, the site indicated the driver it was going to allow me to download was 352.63, which is actually already an Before starting a thread about your GPU woes please give this a full read-through: http://www.systemagnostic.com/faqs/ I finished reading that guide after reading this OpenCL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opencl), the industry standard framework for GPU The best graphics one for 100 is the graphics cards family gpu outstanding gaming pin at by an 8 with cent. I think the 580 renders much faster now because it's no longer running any displays, it just sits in the PC rendering for Blender.

Dell Precision T3600 Gtx 970

Dell Quick Resource Locator 2,040 views 1:12 Dell Precision Tower 5810 Review - Duration: 1:28. http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-NVS-310-vs-Nvidia-GTX-960/m10691vs3165 I don't know what I'm doing, but here is what I've observed and it has me baffled. D92c9 Remember that you must reboot the system after installing nvidia-modprobe. Dell Precision T3600 Power Supply So, I've enabled (selected) it and after quite a while waiting to 'apply changes', rebooted to allow the new driver to take effect - assuming that my newly-installed modprobe will detect

Finally, I saw a thread somewhere where it was mentioned to run Blender as root (i.e. That's correct - I get it all the time, with even minimal scenes (hardly anything in them. GPUs usually take the form of a separate add-in card that you slot into your PC, although these days, many PCs-particularly laptops-use GPUs that the computer system can spare. I'll also look into the new 990/titan although I need this card pretty quick.

When I select "Rendered" in "Viewport Shading", it takes the same amount of time whether I have "None" or "Cuda" selected in "User Preferences". I don't mean to reply to a post that may be long forgotten, but if this helps anyone else, I had a similar issue to this which I solved by adding Is this info anywhere else on the www? You do have to set Blender to use both cards, and I believe it is recommended that you DO NOT use SLI for this.

So this is good. Cycles doesn't' really need them to be in SLI. If necessary (should not be necessary with Blender), use "gksudo" (or kdesudo in Kubuntu).

ShaneRoach10-Dec-16, 14:51I have two nvidia graphics cards a gtx 970 sec 4gb and a gtx 750ti if i put the two in one machine could i bind them with SLI and

I tested on a vanilla system with just the proprietary nvidia driver installed and no other changes, and just running blender with sudo worked great. Why the same CPU speed and amount of RAM in my two computers (both running on Windows8 64bit) results in difference performance (6 minutes to 24 minutes)? Windows just does it, no need to tell any software to do anything. Dell Quick Resource Locator 2,075 views 1:17 Dell Precision T3610 Workstation with Xeon and AMD Firepro W7000 system tour - Duration: 5:51.

The better card (GTX 580 Classified) was NOT connected to any displays. I should also note that when I used to have just the GTX 650 SC (display card) and GTX 580 Classified (render card), that when I used them both together with Like which solution would allow me to use Cycles with any good results sans time considerations for say $100 or $200. I ran the upgrade and now the option shows up in User Preferences> System>Compute Devices.

What is the parallax (POM) GPU benchmark? ETA: oh, and I did reboot between graphics drivers changes... I haven't made a scene or done any editing (I only have the start scene with the grey box) I tried google but couldn't find anyone with quite the same issue.. Rhyfelwr04-Mar-15, 07:12Thanks Phith Exactly the answer I wanted and it also confirms views from other people too.

On (CUDA)-GPUs (at least, maybe CPU and AMD as well ) you can only max. The information available is confusing about the best GPU for Blender. COMPARE BUILD TEST × Your rating Outstanding (10) Outstanding (9.9) Outstanding (9.8) Outstanding (9.7) Outstanding (9.6) Outstanding (9.5) Outstanding (9.4) Outstanding (9.3) Outstanding (9.2) Outstanding (9.1) Excellent (9) Excellent (8.9) Excellent Best value for money - Value for money is based on 3D gaming performance and price.

I'm using the irie-PPA and it doesn't come with a precompiled CUDA kernel so I had to install it manually :) A useful link for Ubuntu users: http://sn0v.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/installing-cuda-on-ubuntu-12-04/ Jonas6913-Feb-13, 19:19very good Welcome to our freeware PC speed test tool. No, please do not use Blender as root: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?373476-Run-blender-as-root&p=2886463&viewfull=1#post2886463 And you do not use "sudo" to launch graphical applications. perhaps the build is older or something.

unigoodsg23-Mar-15, 09:12Dear all, I would like to upgrade my graphic card. so what exactly is the problem? 3dcal10-Feb-16, 22:04In addition to setting Blender to use GPU in Prefs, did you set the desktop Blender to use "GPU Compute" in the Render panel? When I select "Rendered" in "Viewport Shading", it takes the same amount of time whether I have "None" or "Cuda" selected in "User Preferences". Is Cycles Render engine needs more than 8Gb of RAM so that it uses the harddrive for processing space? 2.

When I did this, it solved half my issues, I can now use Windows, Chrome, watch movies, etc while Blender is rendering without any lag whatsoever. What is the maximum number of CUDAs that cycles will support. The card used for rendering in Blender does not even output to screen? Suchauftrag gespeichert Suchauftrag speichern Neueste zuerst Neueste zuerst Günstigste zuerst Dell Alienware Steam Machine, i3-4170T, GTX 860M, 8GB, 1TB, NEU Zum Verkauf steht ein nagelneuer Steam Alienware Machine PC mit folgender

My original idea for using a weaker cheaper card wasn't to increase rendering speed by using it (I already knew it would be too slow), but to run three concurrent displays I tested on a vanilla system with just the proprietary nvidia driver installed and no other changes, and just running blender with sudo worked great.