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This would be my first time dealing with replacing a component for a laptop, so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! i forgot to click the turn on button. With TB3, you could connect an eGPU, if given an appropriate bios (and that's not a sure thing, for first tier TB3 laptops, anyway) Heartspan The difference is around 200 dollars. The GPU has two exhaustion holes with two sets of cooling fins, as mentioned before.

My CPU is locked on 0.75 GHz please help! - HPS Help throttlestop amd cpu - damsia.com Repair Dell XPS 9550 CPU Multiplier Stuck at 8 (Intel T7250 2.0 GHz multiplier how important is the screen quality in terms of colors? I've seen it before in the MSI GT72 and other laptops and have no clue why it is so, but using ThrottleStop 8.00 and setting the multiplier to some level above Wiped the drive and factory reset it about a month ago and it's been sitting untouched in a safe place ever since. http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19666086

Bd Prochot

Also, if it already throttled below your desired multiplier it can't seem to bring it up. As I look through the dell forum on the net, users actually experienced wifi connection issue which I am worried as those issues are similar to what I am experiencing now. I'll add some benchmarks later. Then I'll go to the Dell site, enter my Service Tag and it will bring up a whole list of drivers and app updates that are available to me.

The new Skylake I5 is really a smash. But 5 months after its launch, it seems we're all still Dell's beta testers. As I stated above, I have watched 4K video, also 1080p movies, and played Crysis and Crysis 2 and noticed nothing that bothered me. with this laptop it should be fine to play tomb raider on ultra settings..but when using battery even on high performance mode game lags fps not stable..

This is a problem if I ever need a computer with a battery. Its 88% asic and I want to use it full potencial. 4, How does this laptop behave if cpu temperetarues are too high? My 9350 turns on while I'm out, drains it's battery, and then hibernates. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3009148/6300hq-stuck-minimum-multiplier.html Junky That's the default behavior - when the laptop is not plugged in, the system will use underclock to save battery Arpit Jain Hey Junky, I'm thinking of buying this laptop

Saw this problem with other laptops too. It is the same in Ashes of Singularity. While playing taxing games, it will peak around 71C° while the GPU averages 76C°. Thermals, Throttling & Noise handlingAs described before, the GPU and CPU both have three¬†connected¬†cooling systems and heatpipes.


I've been checking the auction prices on ebay every week, trying to get an idea of what people are paying for them. Even though, the 2.0 speakers have a weakness I can't exactly put my ears on. Bd Prochot I can have Chrome open with a dozen tabs and youtube video going (along with a Outlook and a few other apps running) and the fans will start up but at Thanks!

So, I'm concerned about my chance of receiving a near-flawless laptop if I do order one. i'm planning to sell this computer when the mobile pascal comes out. Because it freezs and laggs. Some users complain of issues with headphones after reconnecting them: audio is lost and apparently the computer has to be restarted to restore it.

I have compared my screen side by side with the IGZO IPS display of the Razer Blade, as well as an IPS monitor with a 5ms advertised response time. Last time I checked the service manual it was at the back side of the motherboard, requiring to disassemble almost the whole laptop to get to it. like this with GTX 970M http://amzn.to/2gbDelX Ahmad Naeem guys my inspiron 7559 doesnt perform well on battery but when i plug in the charger it performs good any reason or setting Add to that the IPS display, GTX 960M 4GB, supposedly good cooling system that throws air from three sides and you got yourself a good gaming laptop, barely matched by the

I want these also for gaming but mostlty for daily work with graphic design.If you found smth similar pls send me the link. 3- Probably it will come from amazon with We already know this is not the case with AMD GCN GPUs, though - read. You may also like...

I've found this exact same issue in the Spectre x360, Yoga 900 and even my beloved Samsung Spin at times.

I got the SSD version simply because it was easier for me to get it. However, the application must be specifically written to take advantage of this- most aren't. Added CPU usage levels. About the screen - yes, possible.

Might be a problem with newer versions as i remember updating it a couple of weeks ago. However, it’s still buggy, and if your computer BSODing or dropping a call can cost you your job or business deal, this is not the laptop to count on—at least not Avoid buying them for now.I you need a machine for work, one which works flawlessly, buy something elseAnd indeed the Dell update app is on par, Reply Anto April 16, 2016 It is possible to install the Synaptics drivers through a hack, but it never gets quite the same level of functionality as a regular Synaptics device.Overall, it is an excellent trackpad.

I guess what I'm asking is, is this laptop worth the risk of it being a faulty device? At idle, the CPU temperature is ~32C°. It's almost as if there's a light yellow filter on top of the screen. In its current state, I have few remaining issues with the XPS 15 and would increase the rating to4/5.Update 2:The new BIOS update (1.2.0) has introduced bugs with TB3 docks with

You can see that thermals are very good even with Prime95 + Furmark. Also the version I'm looking at has a 1TB SATA Hybrid Hard Drive. Junky I don't remember the yellow stuff, but colors weren't good Did you try the calibration file I posted? Then one day I tried to open Zoner Photo Studio (photo editor and manager).

Even Prime95 torture test + Furmark couldn't make it throttle a bit and the GPU was running at full speed. But for now, I think I'm fine with the 7559. Now if I disconnect from said network and then try to scan for other networks or try to reconnect to the same network; it will just keep searching or attempting to