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Dell XPS 13 L322x Freezing/crashing Locks Up On Battery

Like epervieror, I suspect it is probably a system bug and not (directly) related to any individual piece of software... After reverting back to 4.5.4 the system has not yet suffered any freezes. While i was downloading a file via the ethernet port... Oh - and the logs files can be gathered by following the steps in this article: http://kb.displaylink.com/269 Wim Ruud05-21-2013, 08:24 AMThanks for the feedback Wim. http://pghtix.com/dell-xps/dell-xps-13-l322x-specs.html

I checked journalctl, old /var/log/messages.log.1, /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old, and coredumpctl. Keyboard is not responsive although I can adjust the keyboard backlight but from what I understand this is operating at a lower level. Contributor rpbaptist commented Apr 27, 2016 @brunano21 I changed two things. Comment by u (u) - Friday, 29 July 2016, 17:33 GMT I have also been experiencing this issue on a Lenovo X1 Carbon (2015) with a 4.6.* kernel. http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19984952

It is a DRM or 'copy right protection" feature between Hardware software... Enjoy and let me know if it worked for you! :D Ruud08-13-2013, 02:55 PMHi Splinx, This sounds like good news. Pretty short distortions but still noticeable.

Keyboard: couldn't type, mouse: couldn't move, monitors went dark after a few seconds, and my application reported later that my network server had been disconnected. After rebooting, lsb_release -a said "Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS". (Interestingly, the "About This Computer" dialog continues to show "14.04 LTS".) I'm noticing the battery life is dramatically reduced since the upgrade, though. I disabled GPU compositing and threaded compositing in chrome://flags and the problem hasn't occurred since. After reading the posts from this forum, I installed the 7.2M1 version of your drivers and set the Windows 8 (64bits) power options plan to "High performance" instead of the default

My diagnostics tells me it needs a new motherboard. It's really frustrating and I work and study online so I really need it to work! 14 answers Last reply Jul 13, 2016 More about dell xps 9350 brand freezing time Krzysztof P (qreesp) wrote on 2013-09-23: #110 Well, I experienced the crashes without attaching secondary monitor and there were no X errors in logs in my so i thinks it's not I am using the power adapter to power unit.

Some days later, after powering up my laptop, the dock wasn't recognized by Windows... Comment by Nico Schottelius (telmich) - Saturday, 07 January 2017, 12:50 GMT Not sure - I switched to a newer gen4 thinkpad x1 carbon, but haven't seen a freeze in 4.8 Could anyone confirm/check this? View 7 Replies View Related HP Pavilion Dv6700 Lockups :: Laptop Won't Boot Without Battery Attached Sep 22, 2011 I have a Hp pavilion dv6700 series (dv6840el) and it just won't

I have installed software, updated drivers and all seems good - USB & Ethernet seem fine BUT I can't get external monitors to work. https://github.com/mpalourdio/xps13/issues/83 This is my second one. One question, how many of us have the SSD encrypted? Ruud08-23-2013, 09:08 AMHi Splinx, Good question, I'm using the port on the left side (when sitting normally before the laptop) I presume that I have the dock connected to a USB3

it beeps 5 time(loud) when I turn it on then when it loads the Windows it goes really quiet but still beeping. this content brunano21 commented Apr 22, 2016 Hi guys, a quick update. It has to be somewhere in 4.6.x because I never had this problem in 4.5.x. Installing the latest drivers from Displaylink, the latest USB 3.0 drivers from Dell, latest graphic drivers...still the same issues..I'm frustrating because nothing is helping...

View 9 Replies View Related Dell :: M1530 Shut Down (dual Boot) Jan 13, 2009 I'm running a dual boot on my m1530 with Vista and XP. Now the system can't find the docking anymore, so i can't produce logfiles... There are known problems with the left USB port... http://pghtix.com/dell-xps/dell-xps-13-l322x-i5-need-motherboard-replacement-in-europe.html And white sticker where is bar code and text "KR-0U8735-71763-DA3X".

The interesting thing is (maybe), I swapped my left and right mouse button a few hours before this event and after everything returned to 'normal' they had reverted to their normal Thanks, Splinx :) Overview of the fix process bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON Reboot Install driver (detailed instructions below) and then... Some further thoughts: Do you see this with other browsers or just when using Chrome?

Much higher speeds when using the RIGHT usb port.. :confused::confused: Also my Samsung Galaxy SII doesn't get recognized on the left usb port...

thanks for the great img... I don't have to be watching video or listening to audio for it to happen, but it definitely seems to exacerbate it. I just can't seem to find the chipset dirver version somewhere. Thanks, James Ruud06-25-2013, 03:23 PMHi James, Could you explain to me how replacing the dock hardware really fixes my problems?

Please return your dock for a replacement. The current one works without major problems. Comment by A Web (aweb) - Monday, 18 July 2016, 12:55 GMT I enabled CSM in my BIOS, even though I'm still booting in UEFI mode, and so far I have check over here http://askubuntu.com/questions/763672/16-04-how-to-purge-intel-default-drivers-reinstall-intel-graphic-drivers The suggested fix is simply re-installing the intel graphics drivers.

Since updating to the latest Spotify client I'm now getting a hard lock once every few hours :( Jorge Danoz (jorge-danoz) wrote on 2013-05-14: #33 Hi Same problem. When I put it onto my Dell XPS it worked a charm and I can supply screen grabs and a video if you like. And if so: how would replacing the dock with similar hardware alleviate the problems? very strange...

I've only applied the normal Ubuntu package updates and have no changed anything significant that I can think of. I'm wondering: after I use these modded drivers are the normal things like checking for even newer updates and the ability to upgrade the driver to yet another driver still available screen glitches seem better for me since rolling back to the 4.4 kernel from 4.5; though may persist occasionally on external display brunano21 commented May 9, 2016 • edited @cboettig @garzajaime From the Kensiginton device I have a keyboard, mouse, USB to my monitors, 1 X DVI out to DELL 24" (1900x1280) and 1X HDMI out to Dell 24" and lastly using

Current uptime is 9 hours and counting. As an alternative solution, I can use my mobile phone to share the Internet through USB/Bluetooth.