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Difference Between Windows 7 And 8

This feature is also supported by Metro apps so that you can run two apps side by sides without having to switch between them. Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Notify me of followup comments via e-mail Recent Posts Remove Modern Metro Apps in Windows 8 Launch Multiple Notice the cursor changes from arrow to hand when it reaches the top center point. Windows 8 will boot in half time or even less than that as compered to Windows 7 on your same PC. check over here

We've put together this list... What are your thoughts about Windows 8? The redesign opts for simple colours and fewer visual effects, also contributing to the increased speed due to resources saved compared to the Aero Glass effect of Windows 7. Many thanks again. Get More Info

All rights reserved. Winner: Windows 7 – The classic, familiar desktop remains popular for a reason, and thus wins the day. Support for Windows XP came to an end in April 2014, and Microsoft has set a date of January 2015 for the withdrawal of mainstream Windows 7 support. You can follow our complete guide on how to setup picture password in Windows 8. 15.

You can always download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7, and it’s free, but its younger brother has it already built into the system. Simply open them side by side and you don't have to switch between windows all the time. Learn how... 4 possible outcomes for Avaya As Avaya continues its Chapter 11 process, Dave Michels speculates on four possible outcomes for the... Boot time Windows 8 machines only take 10-15 seconds to boot up, with some switching on even faster depending on the SSD.

That means tiles instead of menus and much quicker ways to get to the programs you want. Clicking on the Start button in the lower-left corner yielded the Start menu, a pop-up box listing apps that have been pinned there as well as quick access to search, Control But with this integration, a question arises,  whether you should continue using Windows Defender in Windows 8 as your default antivirus or install some other third party antivirus. Instead, it has a ‘Charms Bar’ (see right) which is where you go to shut down and use other tools such as ‘Search’.

If you can’t find a particular tile, do a right mouse click in the space at the bottom of the screen and click All Apps.   In Windows 8 we can Performance Microsoft used Windows 8 as a guise under which to revamp the engine, and the results is a much faster system that consumes fewer resources than before. The vast majority of our beginners do still use desktops or laptops, however we do have some guides relating to tablets (and smartphones) and plan to develop more guides that cater Also did you know that you can actually pause the move/copying operation if you have some more urgent task to do and then resume it later.

What about processes you ask? Book your tickets now and visit Synology. Make sure to use it at least 3 to 4 weeks! … Not just one day to get a true feel for Windows 8. Reengineered Boot Experience Haven't we all gotten sick of the same tired list of "Safe Mode", "Safe Mode with Networking", etc, etc when booting Windows with advanced options.

It looks a little nicer, but that's about it. http://pghtix.com/difference-between/difference-between-modern-and-desktop-ie.html This feature becomes very handy when you are reading from one document and typing in the other. This is the latest Microsoft operating system which has been installed on all new Windows computers since the latter part of 2012.   Windows 8 looks quite different from Windows 7. Better multiple monitor supportMicrosoft has decided that, with more of us using multiple monitors on our PCs, that it needed to overhaul its desktop management.That means you can now have the

No Start Button - Metro UI Never liked the Start Button? Everyday is a new discovery and surely there are many features which may still be unknown to most of us and will come to surface while using Windows 8. In Windows 8, they get vastly improved! this content Plug-in Free Browsing Not only does IE 10 significantly change the UI, it also changes the way you will be browsing.

It's sporting some seriously cool features, too - the ability to flick between separate desktop environments, integration of Microsoft's digital assistant 'Cortana' and the return of the traditional start menu all have Ultimate guide to strategic tech partners In today’s fast-changing vendor landscape, market leaders are facing new challengers in security, data... 5 ways to spot a phishing email Think you're clever enough It is just like re-installing the Windows.

Windows 8.1 has gone some way towards fixing the problem, however, as users can now choose to avoid Metro entirely and boot directly to desktop.

All Rights Reserved. Here then, is a rough guide to what's new in Windows 8, and how it differs from Windows 7.See also: Windows 8 uncovered: a deep dive into Windows 8. Following XP’s demise, the upgrade candidates were Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and we have broken down the key features to help you decide which is the better choice (fast forward I haven't seen anyone else do it so well.

But it is possible to close them in the way you describe, so we have added a line to explain this. Refresh/Reset Your PC Two cool new features of Windows 7 are the refresh and reset options. All rights reserved. have a peek at these guys Possibly the worst mass invasion of internet privacy ever Desktop Linux the best it’s ever been—and keeps getting better Newsletters Sign up and receive the latest news, reviews and trends on

Skype friends are automatically listed there. Windows 8 vs Windows 7: Windows Store and Apps The Metro interface looks and feels like a smartphone or tablet OS, and following that theme is the inclusion of the Windows By the end of the multiple year lifespan of your PC, this can add up to hours of reclaimed time. 2. There are also peripherals such as touch mice and trackpads from Microsoft and Logitech (among others) that support Windows 8 gestures.2.

This is actually a big step by Microsoft in ruling out the Adobe Flash Player and other plugins and in near future we may actually be able to witness a total Check out how it stacks up against the previous OS in our full comparison: Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1. Thanks again. While in Refresh Mode, Windows makes a backup of your data, settings and apps (Metro apps only) and re-install windows.

For the price of getting used to some new interface tricks, you get to run all of your new apps across all kinds of Windows 8 devices, including PCs and laptops, Luckily, they are both compatible with almost all applications and programs. Microsoft itself is breaking its longstanding tradition of letting its OEM partners bundle Windows software with hardware by introducing Surface RT, a Windows 8 ARM tablet with an optional keyboard.The upside It reinstalls Windows 8 but preserves personal settings and personal data.

You can customise your device's Metro interface, adding for instance access apps, web pages, images and even people - or at least their picture, contact details and your combined communication. SkyDrive also has APIs that are available to developers who want to incorporate access to data in the cloud as part of the apps they write.Multi-monitor optionsFor those who use more It's now replaced by the Metro UI. This new ribbon is actually very helpful and saves your time during some project.

Love it or hate it, it's there as a permanent fixture. If you have bought a new computer recently, the chances are that you are now trying to get to grips with Windows 8.