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Do You Agree The Windows 8.1 Start Button Is A Joke?

The programmers must've worked for Apple. 47 years ago Reply Anonymous I am new to 8.1 and have found several times to tap on an icon and the icon turns into Bonk ... Why do they help you? I go to High School, and I plan to be a programmer in either Java or C#. this content

Any WW One vets? I want functionality. I've heard it called the "Total Windows Experience". sacredgeometry For fucks sake, the first good thing windows has done in years and they have regressed at the will of the sheeple. https://www.eightforums.com/general-support/27359-do-you-agree-windows-8-1-start-button-joke-8.html

So, why is Microsoft being so controlling? Not to mention the app switcher and app specific commands. What I’ve notice thought is that I find what I’m looking for much more quickly, no more scrolling and going down in folder trees, and on top of that I see

I like the live tiles and grouping them. Very puzzled. I should be able to click through the UI to find it, where I only have to know the idea of what I'm looking for, and be smart enough to figure You can still do whatever you want on them, it is still Windows and this article in fact proves that point.

mori bund It's too funny: for year Windows-fans made fun of Linux as system you have to tinker with to make it work your way. http://twitter.com/darentrogers Daren Rogers I assumed I'd hate the the start screen in Win 8, and I probably would if I ever saw it. Which they have done so far in the 8.1 builds I've seen. http://bgr.com/2013/06/27/windows-8-1-start-button-useless/ Taking the Start Menu away in Server 2012 and leaving us with Metro was a bad move as well.

You beat me to it! If it was so good and loved by people it would have got at least 15-20% market share. Folders were an advancement in the state of user experiences. I don't see what all the fuss is about .

However, the Metro tiles UI is here to stay so better get to filling out those applications in Afghanistan. 8 1 18 Oct 2013 Nigel 11 Re: Ashamed to say On https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2013/10/18/windows_8_1_review/ What is definitely a benefit is the quick boot time on a UEFI based machine. We've decided to skip the initial Windows 8 release for this very reason. Alternatively you can move all of your coworkers and all of the equipment you have from work to your home.

Arash Jafari With the Classic Start Menu, if your target app wasn’t pinned to the taskbar and didn’t appeared on the recent app list, then in the best case it required http://pghtix.com/do-you/how-do-you-want-to-open-this-file-windows-10-keeps-popping-up.html it's just a better way to go. Tig3RStyluS And the fact there were only a small number of handset manufacturers offering a small number of models. I love the new interface, when I am using a touch device.

All in all, it's not as bad as it seemed like it would be before I upgraded. It was still all there until later in the Beta phase.  The push back was immediate and negative.  We warned them.  They ignored us.  Now they are paying the price. 0 When it’s left-clicked (or [Win] is pressed) it brings up the start screen called Start and when right-clicked (or [Win]+x is pressed) it brings up a context menu giving access to have a peek at these guys The start screen has essentially replaced the menu used in versions of the desktop operating system prior to Windows 8.

When an application is installed the icons that would be created previously under the Start Menu are now in the All Apps view. I have a Dell XPS 12 as well as a Dell Venue Pro 8 and these work great. Hence the perception that Microsoft is shoving this UI down our throat.

The start button may have been removed from the taskbar but it’s not gone, it’s just hidden and moved a half inch to the left bottom corner.

But don't just trust my words. Right now its superb with touch but mediocre without it.   IMO they dont need a start button but they need visible buttons for all the charms. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. Now I just need to get a touch device for 8.1 🙂 3 years ago Reply John Remember you can use emoji in the App Group Names.

Why on earth would you mess with something that worked well? Why should I be forced to click more places to power down than sleep a computer? Mricehouse ALT+F4 and 1 mouse click and you can shutdown, restart, sleep, sign out or switch users. check my blog I just reread all posts on this topic and seen many play different tune after a while when get more familiar with W8/8.1.

I'm all for change but not mindless change.. Windows 8.1 on my laptop for the last month or so. Please find a read me document included with some freeware that you just installed…. My customer will look at me and say something like "you've gotta be kidding me".....then I'll say, "Hey, I can fix that", and then I'll install The Classic Shell and set

I'm supposed to use huge blocks across my THREE 27" LED flat panels? What do I need to do to see the other menu? 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto Rich K, some third party tools replace the default Windows shortcuts. Not that hard. Windows 8 is not the mess biased tech blog regurgitators make it out to be. 0 3 years ago Reply Rokczar Exactly, a basic walkthru of features like Salesforce.com, Mozilla or

At least I was able to switch to KDE with ubuntu. It's workable if you're familiar with all the previous OS's, but for a total Nube, with NO training, it would be a disaster. That said, I can tell you that in our health system (Yeah, I'm in I.T. It sickens me to think idiots at Microsoft got bonuses for some of their stupid ideas.

How tollerant of you. Even though win8 was released probably too early and it really sucks for desktop, it is a very good starting point for touch laptop. Tell us about it What 2017 holds for AI: Will you fear or embrace our machine overlords? And while I am only recently getting used to doing a search by simply typing while on the Start screen, most functions of the Start button are already there or vastly

But what are your thoughts on this potential update? Sorry this became longer than I wanted. I have installed a... Have two options: 1.

xformulax you're high on crack… 2000 was not garbage, I think you're confusing it with WinME. 2000 was better than XP up until sp2 or sp3. When that corner is approached the start button which is an actual miniature of the start menu appears and this behavior isn’t any different than the one people who auto-hide their Since they all know I am an IT administrator, I become the magnet for such things.