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Do You Like The Windows 8 Release Preview?

It's now a lot easier to use with a mouse, and the promised trackpad gestures for the final release should simplify things further. You may not vote on this poll Yes 41 42.71% No 34 35.42% Somewhat 21 21.88% 08 Jun 2012 #91 Coke Robot View Profile View Forum Posts Senior Member Posts : And surprisingly, Microsoft is shipping several new Metro-style apps in the Windows 8 Release Preview, though they’re all very similar RSS-like apps that resemble Finance. Curiously, the desktop version of IE10 also comes with a built-in Flash player, but we're not sure if this version also uses a whitelist -- I doubt it, but will check this content

By Gregg Keizer Senior Reporter, Computerworld | Jun 1, 2012 3:06 PM PT More like this Windows 8: What you need to get started What you should expect from Windows 8 Although Flash is available to all sites in the desktop browser, only a limited number of sites will be able to use it in Metro-style IE10, as Microsoft is using its Windows 8 Release Candidate to be called "Release Preview" in Windows 8 News 5510We have info that Windows 8 Release Candidate will be called "Release Preview" and that will be launched As such, the Windows 8 Release Preview represents not just our clearest look yet at Microsoft’s new OS but rather a version that should be largely indistinguishable from that final release. https://www.eightforums.com/general-support/6551-do-you-like-windows-8-release-preview-post95565.html

The way the OS lessens the need to run applications and go in and out of applications is a breath of fresh air as people are now using more social services I’m leaning towards the latter, but I can see why those who support Windows for a living are a bit more tentative. You are going nowhere.

MetroUI risks being the end of Windows and of Microsoft. 8088y12 lol…I think if you read back your comments you will find you're the one using emotive language and getting your Microsoft has done a lot to document the changes it's made in the Release Preview through postings in its Building Windows 8 blog. Adobe and Microsoft have added support for Metro touch gestures in Flash, and have disabled some Flash features that don't work with touch, like rollovers. WP7's biggest hurdles are anonymity and the fact that the OS is quite different to what users are now used to.

You can even modify this list, though Microsoft won't officially support or document the method for doing so.Windows 8's Power User list offers access to common functions that appeared on the You seriously expecting professionals, developers,system engineers, system administrators to waste their time with MetroUI just confirms how out of mind you really are. We've written about the two other releases, the Developer Preview and the Consumer Preview, which introduced and then refined Microsoft's new Metro user interface, and the WinRT programming model at the https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2012/jun/07/windows-8-release-preview-review IE 10 also picks up a UI refresh, with a simpler app bar button structure and nicer in-place site search results.

By knowing what customers want and need before the customers do. Reviewers, users, and design professionals have praised Metro. The point of tile updates is to give you a glimpse into your apps and to highlight changes. MetroUI is an absolute disgrace.

Is it sandboxed like, Google Chrome's built-in Flash player? (And even then, the only time Google Chrome has ever been cracked is by exploiting the built-in Flash player). Just plain stupid. It's no different to playing them on Windows 7. And while there are absolutely some bold bets in Windows 8, the company isn’t foolhardy enough—or, shall we say, "Apple enough"—to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

With its antitrust consent decree expired, Microsoft can once again bundle applications with Windows, and it's been working to convert its Live Essentials suite of tools to work as Metro-style applications. Here are some of the changes you can expect. Register Windows 7 Forum Forum Windows 8 Forums General Support Do you like the Windows 8 Release Preview? Initially, Microsoft promised that Metro would be an HTML5-only, plug-in-free space, to improve stability, security, and responsiveness.

By Simon Bisson | June 1, 2012 -- 15:18 GMT (08:18 PDT) | Topic: Enterprise Software The secret of success is to under-promise and over-deliver, and for Microsoft's latest OS, that First, and most broadly, the apps are more intelligent and utilize more system capabilities. I've even clearly shown that most of your claims about Windows 8 are based on complete misunderstanding of how the OS works. http://pghtix.com/do-you/how-do-you-want-to-open-this-file-windows-10-keeps-popping-up.html Touch users swipe from top or bottom.

In theory this is a good compromise, but to be honest we don't know enough about the Metro IE Flash implementation to draw some solid conclusions. It appears to simply offer basic information, in a pretty layout and presentation, about a handful of locations. Starting from the expiration date, you may not be able to access any unsaved data used with the software.

Put Windows 8 on a slate though, and it starts to make sense and come to life.

I'm pointing out that you are spewing inaccurate information due to the fact that you haven't used Windows 8. Likewise, more of these bundled apps can participate in another new Windows 8 feature, the Share contract—think “copy and paste” on steroids—so you can now do such things as share a When I see a tile update it catches my eye and you think what did it say previously? Moving the cursor to the upper right or lower right causes the charm bar to pop up.

Emma Barry We’ll be sure to let you know how we get on. I'd much love to be able to FULLY customize the Start Screen as I see fit. The ability to install Windows 8 directly from the Web and receive helpful assistance is new with the Release Preview. http://pghtix.com/do-you/do-you-agree-the-windows-8-1-start-button-is-a-joke.html There's no argument to what you're saying.

Don't use any of the Metro applications. It's certainly easier than clicking 'next' each time you want to read a page, although there's no content pre-caching and it doesn't work with every site yet. It's an excellent OS (albeit a bit immature in some areas). Due to MetroUI the whole OS became a farce.

One thing I came away impressed about was how much this release actually changed over that month. http://californiahomesforsale.com m0r1arty I'll hang back on this one. These machines could truly be a major leap forward compared to the iPad, which is limited by both its unyielding single form factor and Apple’s relatively immature APIs. It is possible though that OEMs will bundle DVD support with their hardware.

My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ... If you don't believe us, just do a search for "uninstall Windows 8" and count the results.Microsoft has tried to be clearer about that this time around by posting a caveat Or, failing that -- or a decision to not buy the operating system -- you can reinstall the prior OS.Has Microsoft listened to users who have complained about the disappearance of The ribbon has been a huge success in this area.