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Copy And Paste Keeps Pasting The Same Thing


Hundreds of switches between client/server and 10s of copy/paste operations in each direction. webdawg commented Oct 26, 2015 K. In light of these new repro steps, please consider increasing the priority of the issue back up. which folder and which pane are activated, when moving to and from another application. have a peek here

Contributor nyetwurk commented Jul 23, 2015 I am building from the master branch. The log you posted is all about clipboard. Jun 23 10:34:27 synergy[22612]: *** WARNING *** For more information see Jun 23 10:34:28 kernel: [124114.611536] synergyc[22629]: segfault at 7f64b9f000c0 ip 00007f64bdf426e9 sp 00007ffce0d14af0 error 7 in libpthread-2.21.so[7f64bdf39000+18000] symonds commented Click on the OK button to save the entry. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/17388c48-81f9-40c6-8779-ce71cb72b2c6/copy-paste-issue-when-switching-bw-applications?forum=w7itprogeneral

Copy And Paste Keeps Pasting The Same Thing

Scroll through the list of command categories and click on Clipboard to expand the category. I code using netbeans 7.1.2, dbVisualizer and notepad++ mostly on windows7 64bit. Copy and paste work both ways (linux to linux). This bug has been around for years and I consider it serious enough that it should be fixed as soon as possible.

This is actually not always reliable and in fact, will not even work via Macro Express on some computers due to the low level nature of this key command. And in some cases we want the high performance quick transmission of text while in other cases we want to slow down the rate of transmission. I'm starting to suspect there is something wrong with the clipboard/caching function but am not sure. Copy Paste Not Working In Netbeans That's the whole point of this bug report :) We don't think it's appropriate for Netbeans to paste the wrong contents, ever.

Apparently some native applications (e.g. I only have the two relevant applications running, and Alt-Tab seems to work well on its own. My setup is a fully up to date Windows 8 server and OS X client. Thanks :) Comment 32 Jaroslav Tulach 2007-10-11 08:40:52 UTC NbClipboard.java, revision 1.35 date: 2007/09/14 13:52:35; author: jtulach; state: Exp; lines: +7 -2 Comment 33 _ gtzabari 2007-10-11 14:30:24 UTC I have

There are other HP ProBook laptops in office with similar configuration but this doesn't happen on them. Clipboard Service The starting point I chose for my script is theoldestmessage in a particular folder, which I highlight with the mouse before running the script. Go back and highlight the other Delay command and move it so that it is positioned below Activate Window: "wordpad" command and above the Clipboard Paste command. Doing some testing from my Redhat 22 server to my Windows 7 client, both running 1.7.3, I found that I'd get debug notifications on Windows about clipboard changed up through 1012

Copy/paste Retains Old Clipboard Data

Cancel (abort accessing the clipboard) I would add one final piece of logic: remember the user's selection (if he chose to cancel) for 10 seconds at a time. http://www.ctimls.com/Support/KB/Error%20Fixes/Fix_Clipboard_Issues.htm What do you think? Copy And Paste Keeps Pasting The Same Thing Is it possible for us to leave the cache enabled only Unix JDK5 for starters and move forward from there? Netbeans Copy Paste Doesn't Work Both client and server are running Ubuntu 15.04 with Unity.

The original report was fixed and if something broken remains, let's treat it as a new issue. I think you will find we are all more than willing to help you resolve this issue if we are under the impression you are also committed to fixing it as X NEVER had a "copy" back in the day. Edit: No change after installing 1.7.4 on server machine also. Netbeans Clear Clipboard

This will also delete the keys on the right for this corrupted Zone. Comment 2 David Simonek 2006-10-30 12:51:25 UTC I don't know if we'll be able to do anything here, but just in case I'm ccing guys who knows something about clipboard policy Comment 42 _ gtzabari 2007-10-15 13:05:37 UTC jtulach, I was under the impression the Unix problem is reduced by http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=4818143 The evaluation seems to conflict a bit with the NbClipboard.java code http://pghtix.com/not-working/copy-and-paste-not-working-windows-7.html Comment 31 _ gtzabari 2007-10-09 19:29:57 UTC jtulach, Are you saying you recently committed some code which fixes this problem?

try again to copy from external resource. Clipboard Not Working Windows 7 At work, I am copy/pasting things into and out of netbeans about every 10 minutes in an 8 hour day. If you have to use hyperterminal, try changing ASCII set up(increasing line delay).

If you use Adobe Flash Player: Ensure that the most recent version is installed.

Gawk!  I didn't see the "age".  :( But please do enlighten us about how you would build a new pile of 20 switches "without touching the keyboard". This was referenced Sep 16, 2015 Closed Clipboard copies only plaintext between Mac and Windows #2909 Closed Clipboard/buffer fails daily....still... #5034 Kostanos commented Oct 14, 2015 Clipboard copy doesn't work in Comment 78 nactian 2012-07-11 12:36:22 UTC I just encountered this bug. Clipboard Not Working Windows 10 Which Linux are you using?

is it possible to implement Message Rules (filter, etc.) 100% through COM automation without going through GUI at all? #12 - Posted 25 April 2013 - 12:05 PM Back to top It isn't just a problem with the editor. Second, one is on XP and second on Mac. this contact form which it looks like it might be.

Comment 4 _ gtzabari 2007-01-04 14:29:12 UTC I can now reproduce this issue without VNC (though it is a bit hard). Other way around work. Comment 93 _ gtzabari 2012-09-07 13:57:08 UTC (In reply to comment #92) > Anyway just wait and do the paste again, I'd say. Then any call to getContents waits for ever.

Comment 91 bunam 2012-09-07 08:18:11 UTC Hello, i have tried the daily build n° 201209070001 (there is a lot of trouble on it) but the copy/paste trouble is still there. To run Wordpad, click on Start | Run from the bottom left of the computer screen, enter wordpad and click the OK button.) Enter five lines of text into notepad If i use ctrl+v then i get the last thing copied from the editor. The data there is very important to me , so I bought External removable drive for backup.

Let's set the macro up so that it copies the first 5 lines in notepad over to Wordpad. Comment 87 Jaroslav Tulach 2012-09-06 07:01:48 UTC *** Bug 215804 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Comment 88 Jaroslav Tulach 2012-09-06 07:10:01 UTC One of the biggest My System Specs OS Windows 7 BSeanD View Public Profile Find More Posts by BSeanD Page 1 of 2 1 2 > Copy and paste issues (very odd results) « Previous I don't have clipboard usage at all and I have times every 15-30 minutes where the client will stop working and I use ssh to restart it.

I've already offered a very simple fix: disable the hack on all platforms and leave the paste icon always enabled (i.e. I have seen this on different computers before, each time in simple scenarios like this. We need a fix for JDK5 as well. We also know for a fact that this issue exists because the comment in NbClipboard.java mention it and it is a pretty obvious race condition when you consider what the code

restart synergy on client B, repeat, works ctrl-c on server, ctrl-v on client A - Does not work. Now, I want to copy the data from one drive to the second drive but I have to be sure I have a perfect copy of the data. Comment 94 Quality Engineering 2012-09-15 02:14:27 UTC Integrated into 'main-golden', will be available in build *201209150001* on http://bits.netbeans.org/dev/nightly/ (upload may still be in progress) Changeset: http://hg.netbeans.org/main-golden/rev/21750762fe5c User: Jaroslav Tulach Log: less then 1500 characters I never get the crash.

Server Log I had trouble getting the server log because the UI also has issues.